Listening, Learning, Having Fun’
Watercolour on paper

Watching 3-4 year olds as they participate in ‘Music and Movement’, ‘Story-time’ and ‘Yoga’.

A minute ago I was an observer, a pencil in each hand, melded into the background.

Suddenly, I am part of their world, caught up in the totality of their response, the intensity of their involvement, the way they live in the now.

How easy it feels to move into their worlds of make believe, ‘We are flying like birds’, ‘Doing the wiggely-woo’, ‘Travelling on our magic carpet’.....

I too am ‘Listening, learning, having fun’
—Celia Read 2009

I am grateful to Mrs Vicky Scarborough and the staff and children of the Acorn Pre-school in Jersey, Channel Isles, for allowing me to spend time with them. From the moment I walked into the school I was captivated by the atmosphere and spirit of the place, the sense of security and feeling of stimulation, that give the children freedom to explore and develop.

‘We all do the wiggly-woo’ I (26x39cm)