In his review of the exhibition in The Times John Russell-Taylor wrote “Celia Read is a practicing psychoanalytic psychotherapist as well as a painter. Some of the images in her work are developed from objects in Freud’s study, including works from Freud’s own collection, not to mention the famous couch. In this context it is clear also that Read’s painting technique sometimes closely parallels psychoanalytic practice, digging into the elaborately built up surfaces of paint and collage as the analyst explores “layers of buried experience”. The results, unexpectedly, are brilliantly coloured, lyrical and apparently angst–free”.

The series of eleven watercolours ‘Journey of an Analysis’ are (9 x 12 inches or 12 x 9 inches)

'The Couch' limited edition signed print (56.5 x 57 cm). Email for further information by clicking here.

‘Freud’s Dream’ oil on canvas (38x40)