In his introduction in the catalogue of the first exhibition of ‘Colour Moves’, Chris O’Hare wrote: “Eighteen months ago, when I visited her studio to see what she was up to, Celia showed me nine paintings. They were large, colourful works that capture the sense of movement that the eye perceives, and also have the power to move emotionally. The group of pictures is a body of work that is cohesive. There is no personal story line, the works have no titles, the experience is universal. They feel like they have come from within, the light coming from within the canvas, from within the artist. They are simple, but deceptively so. Areas of colour are suspended in other colours, and as they relate to each other the colour relationships within shift and shimmer as the external light changes, engaging the viewer more deeply. In short, Celia has captured colour as emotion. 'Forces are manifested in poems -- and paintings -- that do not pass through the circuits of knowledge. These forces, vital and inexplicable, pass through the circuits of the soul. They are responsible for the sense of joyful recognition, interior resonance, and blissful confirmation that attend the sight of certain paintings.' —Georgia O'Keeffe

Untitled I